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May 10, 2011 / tallulahspankhead


Because my debauched lifestyle has caught up on me in the past few days*, I offer today a round up of things to either make you smile, or shake with rage, whatever your preference.

The smiles:

“The mother of American feminist identity, Louise Bourgeois, considered the spider the ultimate mother figure. In turn, Lady Gaga is considered the ultimate mother to her ‘little monsters.’?”

  • With a phrase to rival “internal chastity orb” as my favourite of all time, Pamie chats about her magical vulva of opportunity.
  • XKCD on women in the sciences
  • A little bit of (the real) Tallulah fabulousness

The rages: (Assume trigger warnings all over the shop, probably)

  • Erasing Hillary. Yes, I bet there’s any number of people who wish it were that easy. It just reminded me of this.
  • I wanted to put this in the smiles, because of Holly’s excellent argument, but ultimately, reading the comments made me tired. I don’t understand why we’re still having to have this conversation. Why are still having to say IT’S NOT OUR FUCKING CLOTHES. (via WYFC)
  • Hey sluts, stop having babies to steal taxpayers’ money, and stop letting men smack you round. Or so says Kerre Woodham.
  • Can women ever stop feeling fat? Yes, maybe if we didn’t constantly use the word as a pejorative, and stopped writing pointless articles about celebrities’ body image.
  • Having a baby is a “life choice” and one men don’t make, don’t you know. Also, women are out to make sport wussy. What are we gonna do, change ice hockey pucks for cupcakes?

* To quote my namesake: “Nobody can be exactly me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.”



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  1. Melimalle / May 13 2011 10:05 pm

    I think I’ve read a “Kerre” column before and I do remember being highly outraged. I also know from reading other blogs, that she has the tendency to inspire these feelings in rational people. Yes, this article was DISGUSTING, misogynist and just, wrong. But it doesn’t compare with the horrific comments agreeing with and adding to Kerre’s views. It scares me to see the percentage of people who think it’s okay vs. the intelligent people who can check their privilege at the door (so to speak).

    • tallulahspankhead / May 13 2011 10:42 pm

      Oh, good god you read the comments? Never read the comments on the herald. Your desk would have a permanent head-shaped hole!

      • Melimalle / May 14 2011 10:13 pm

        I’m learning. They aren’t as bad as the comments on yahoo xtra! I’m hoping to find some humanity out there..

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