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May 28, 2011 / tallulahspankhead


There was something of a shitstorm over at tlg this past couple of days on my post on Paul Quinn. It was exhausting and stressful. Having to respond to the comments, to make this argument, which is, to us, self-evident, and which we’ve been making for years. Feeling attacked, being told I am wrong and misguided. Worrying about our other posters and our readers, and how triggering the comments were becoming. And just the immense frustration that they Just Don’t Get It.

And then Kiwiblog linked to the post. I’m not going to pretend that I’m not a little proud that the first time David Farrar quoted me, it includes the word blowjob. But it’s taken every last bit of willpower I have not to go and read the comments over there. I read the first 10, and came away feeling sick. I worry about my continued ability for self-preservation.

And then there’s people in my life, who also don’t get it. Who tell me to ignore the comments, that I don’t have to respond. That they’re assholes who are wrong.

And yes, they are. But no, I do have to respond. Because they might be wrong, and assholes to boot, but they reflect the society we live in. I don’t do this because it’s fun. Parts of it are, of course. But I do this blogging thing because I believe it is important. Perhaps it is ultimately futile, and I am wasting my time. But this is what I can do. I can’t counsel rape victims, I don’t have the mental health, or the skills, to do that. I’m not an organizer, except for parties. My skill is writing, arguing, and Not Shutting Up.

And so, no, I won’t let those comments slide. I can’t. I will keep yapping about this. Because until people understand that it’s not about what we drink, what we wear, and how many people we have sex with, we have to keep doing it.


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